Monday, 13 February 2012

Chronical (2012) - Review

Hey Bitches

So the other day, decided i would go to the cinema with a few friends and we all decided on watching the new film about telekinesis, Chronical.

Prior to this, i was quite excited about going to watch this film as i thought it looked brilliant, so i was quite excited. The film does start out slightly slow, but this is soon changed and we start seeing utterly brilliant things! This movie basically shows everyone what it would be like to have telekinesis and everything we would ever want to do with that power, is shown in this movie.

I dont really want to spoil anything for anyone so i wont go into too much detail, but i highly recommend watching the film because it is just great. The ending is superb!

9 / 10.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Streaming Now

Hey bitches

Im currently doing a live stream of League of Legends, check it out!

Video Logs / Streaming

Hey Bitches

So lately i've been running out of idea's of what to post and my lack of idea's are certainly starting to show with me getting less and less viewers; unfortunately. So i was doing some thinking and i thought about how i could start doing video logs or live streamings.

The video logs would of course just be me sitting there, looking like a derp, talking about random shit and hopefully making you guys laugh.

The live streaming would be me playing various games (such as league of legends) and have a running commentary in the background, once again, hopefully entertaining you.

What do you guys think? Let us know!

Stay bitchin' bitches

Thursday, 9 February 2012

'What do you want to be when your older'

Hey bitches

Hope everyone is well today! It's bloody snowing here again today! Whoopie!

Anyway, today i was asked this question which all of us have been asked at least once in our life and ive never really thought about how weird the question is... I mean, we usually get asked when we are like 12 or around then, and i knew back then i wanted to be a vet and i was determined to be a vet. Unfortunately, things changed and now i dont want to be a vet but want to be a Software Developer. Now this was  a change over 6 years and my career path changed completely.

My example just shows that even over as little time as 6 years, you can change your mind completely about a huge part of your future and i think it's completely pointless asking children about what they want to be when they are older... Sorry if i seem cynical, but that's my opinion!

So what about you guys, when you were younger, what did you want to be when you were older? And what are you now? What would you like to be now?

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

PC or MAC?

Hey Bitches!

So during one of my lectures today, the lecturer brought up various debates within computing about 'which is better'... We went through the old AMD vs Intel, NVidia vs ATI, PC vs MAC, all of which were presented with unbiased (according to the lecturer) information determining which one is actually better.

Now out of all the debates we had, i thought the PC vs MAC debate was the most interesting and much to my surprise, a lot of the students on my course actually support MAC over PC, along with the OS X or whatever software a MAC uses compared to Microsofts Windows. And hell, if you throw Linux into the mix, a shit storm is certain to erupt.

If you havent guessed already, i am one of the few people on my course which actually support a PC. It felt as if i was being lined up against the wall along with war criminals about to be shot down, but i stood by my trusty PC and i held my firm ground against the MAC lovers. Now mainly out of this war (due to it not being so 'Mainstream', Linux resides, often being referred to as the most dominant force over all the others. Now this, i actually agree with.

I too would turn against my trusty PC if i could harness the sheer power of the Linux, i'm actually learning to do so on my course but we'll have to wait and see how this plays out before i begin using Linux on a daily basis.

So here's my question for you guys, what side of the fence do you stand? Pc? Mac? Linux? Something completely different? Leave you comments in the section below!

Stay Bitchin' Bitches!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What I'm Listening To!

Hey Bitches

Hope you're all okay and well!

So it's that time again where i show you guys 'What im listening too' right now!

Motley Crue - You're All I Need

Here it is! Such an amazing song by one of my favourite bands of all time; Motley Crue! This could be considered a love ballad but if you listen to the lyrics, you'll find it's kind of not... Motley Crue are famous for their dirty, rebellious and outrageous lyrics (back in the 80s anyway) and this song fits all of these categories. Best way to describe the lyrics? Necrophilia.

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Monday, 6 February 2012

Amnesia - The Dark Decent

Hey Bitches

Last night i was watching some videos on youtube and i stumbled upon a game called 'Amnesia', a survival horror game. After watching some videos, i kept getting more tempted and tempted until finally, i decided i was getting this game. Off to the shops i rushed to buy this game, like an excited 5 year old over ice cream (saying that, i still get freakin' excited over buying ice cream!

As i got the the shop, the spotty checkout worker decided to ask for some ID... Which unfortunately i forgot to bring with me (not thinking i would be IDed for a certificated 15 year old game because im 18... In outrage, i stormed back home (not a long walk but regardless), grabbed my ID and rushed back to the shop to find that it was... wait for it... shut. Alot of swear words were spewed out in my few seconds of anger but luckily, i found another shop that was selling the game for the same price and was open... They didnt even ask for my ID...

Anyway finally after all this hype i got home and started playing and my god, what an amazing game! The first few minutes into it, i could find my heart beating ferociously as i crept through the rooms with my tiny latern. After literally 20 minutes into the game, i was shitting myself. Whats worse was i was on skype to my friend and he was just pissing himself. This game really gets to you and i can't wait to play it again tonight, even though im slightly nervous...

I highly recommend this game to all of you who like a good fright, just make sure the room is pitch black and you turn your speakers up to full, you'll freakin' love it!

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Four Lions (2010) review

Hey Bitches

Hope everyone had a good Saturday night, i stayed in because i just dont have any money. Sad face. But instead i decided to snuggle into bed with a warm cup of coco and watch a movie. (Sad Right?). Sad you say? Well yeah, fairly sad, but i dont really care!

Anyway i decided to watch 'Four Lions'. A black comedy based in london and is about 4 terriorists planning to suicide bomb london, but they are basically a group of failures. They're all idiots and they all continuously fail, which makes this film so funny! Whats better is its a British Comedy, which i LOVE.

8 / 10. This movie is typical British with a strange but awesome tweak mixed in. I quite enjoyed this movie and i highly recommend it to you comedy lovers.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

What I'm Listening To!

Hey bitches!

Before i begin, ITS FREAKIN' SNOWING!!! SO EXCITED!! Bloody love the snow and its coming down quite hard! Hope i get lots and lots and lots! Anyone would think im 5! Ahem...

Already been outside with some uni friends, was freakin' awesome!

Anyway back to the matter, today im listening to something pretty old school, but it's such an amazing song by an amazing british band. You'll all love it!

Def Leppard - When Love and Hate Collide

Such an amazing band, one of my favourites of all time! Hope you enjoy this. Smiley face.

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Captain America (2011) Review

Hey bitches.

I lately caught this newish marvel superhero movie, Captain America. With high hopes for this movie (being a huge fan of marvel), i was very excited to watch and hoped it lived up to expectations.

Unfortunately, it didnt quite entertain me as much as i was hoping.

I think the overall storyline was good, followed the original plot fairly well and even led up awesomely to the upcoming 'Avengers' movie which looks absolutely freakin' awesome! This movie itself though seemed to have something lacking that is in other movies, needed more of a spark. I think it could be that there wasnt much actual comedy segments in this movie, it was just a typical American "Lets go kick some Nazi ass" type movie. I also thought that it started getting fairly long winded towards the end.

Overall i'd rate the movie 7 / 10 , some good action sequences and leading up to what looks to be the greatest film ever made. "The Avengers".

Friday, 3 February 2012

'Im A Poor Student'

Hey bitches.

So i know i throw this term around a lot that 'Im a poor student', which i actually am. I currently have £0. But luckily, hope has arisen before me!

I got an email about a job interview! AHH!

It's only 16 odd hours a week but it means i can earn some more dosh! Which i love doing! So i'll be attending that bad boy at some point (as soon as i organise it with the owner) and ill let my legion know the results!

Stay Bitchin' Bitches!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

What I'm Listening To!

Hey bitches!

It's that time where i share with you what im listening to RIGHT NOW!

Last time, we saw Jackie Wilson, very famous artist, taking the stand, but tonight i present to you a band so great, they are just too amazing to explain! Well to me they are anyway!

Steel Panther - SuperSonic Sex Machine

Many of you may be unfamiliar with this song but im certain all of you would have heard from the band because of the continuous amount of time i go on about them! They're that good!

Stay Bitchin' Bitches!

Software Development Grade

Hey bitches!

I know i havent been blogging lately, been very busy! Hopefully now though ill have some time to get back to my beloved followers! Winky face!

Anyway just thought i'd let you guys know, i got back my Software Development grade today. It was an assignment where i basically had to use C# to create some shitty code. Anyway i got a 2.1 (That is the equivalent to a B i think) so as you can imagine, im over the moon!

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Top 10 Albums. Part 2

Hey Bitches!

Hope you all had a good night last night, i certainly did!

Anyway here you are as promised, hope you enjoy!

5. Skillet - Comatose

Skillet are an extremely underrated band and i'd be fairly surprised if any of you guys have actually heard of them. I'm literally addicted to almost every song on this album, they are so good and show true emotion. I also find that almost all their songs remind me of a special person, maybe it'll do the same for you guys? Highly recommend trying this album out.

4. Guns N' Roses - Greatest Hits

I know it's slightly cheating using a compilation album, but i decided to add this bad boy in this list. Guns N' Roses should be in everyones top 10 albums realistically and are probably one of the most, if not the most, well know band to date. They were extremely popular in their time, releasing many historical songs. This album hosts the best of these songs and i think that it's just brilliantly assembled. Great Album. 

3. Def Leppard - Hysteria

Def Leppard, one of my favourite bands of all time. They're British too! I saw these guys live last year and that performance is one of my favourite bands i've seen live, they were truly awesome. This album contains alot of their great songs and besides, any album which has 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' deserves a place here!

2. Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood

All of you guys that have been following me for awhile will know that im a massive crue head. I LOVE MOTLEY CRUE! Probably my second favourite band of all time (Hmm, can i sense another top 10 list in the future?) It was tricky choosing my favourite album by these great musicians but i eventually chose this one because it has quite a lot of my favourite songs by them, and it's awesome!

1. Steel Panther - Balls Out

There it is, number 1. Numero Uno. My favourite album of all time written and performed by my favourite band of all time. This album is just pure genius! It's a fairly recent album but it definitely has that heavy rock 80's feel to it that i LOVE. Besides, anyone who sings about how awesome Tiger Woods is gets my vote anyday! If you havent listened to this, get your butt on youtube and search some songs! I recommend the following: ALL OF THEM! 

Well that's it for now bitches, hope you enjoyed my list! Let me know what you think in the comments sections below, i'd also like to know if you've been interested and checked out any of these albums and actually really like them.

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Saturday, 28 January 2012

What I'm Listening To!

Morning Bitches!

Well... Afternoon.. I've literally only just got up! Ahhh the life of a University Student!

So yesterday you all saw the top 5 of my top 10 grreatest albums ever (in my opinion). Hope you enjoyed that so far and i will be posting the rest of the list later on. For now though, i thought i'd have a new segment on my blog...

I've decided that daily i will play my Itunes and shuffle it and whatever song it is on when i am typing out a blog, i will share it with all you guys! I think it's a great way to introduce you guys into potentially good music, it could also be entertaining as i have a few fairly... well, embarrassing songs on my Itunes. But we'll see how it goes! The song for today is..........

Jackie Wilson - Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher

Haha, what a fairly random song eh? I have no idea why i put this song on my itunes, must have thought that it was so awesome it deserved a place...? Anyway, JACKIE WILSON LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

Well that's it for now! Look out later as i reveal the TOP 5 greatest albums of all time (In my opinion). Also i've got a review of Captain America movie coming up and some other sweet stuff i think you'll all be interested in and enjoy!

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Friday, 27 January 2012

My Top 10 Albums. Part 1

Hey Bitches!

As promised, i have decided to do my overall top 10 albums of all time. Of course this is all my opinion so some of you may or may not agree with me, but if you feel that something on the list should be higher / lower or would like to suggest some more music to me all together, feel free!

Well, let's get started!

10.  Three Days Grace - Life Starts Now

Three Days Grace are an alternative rock-band which i feel make absolutely awesome songs! Unlike music now-a-days, Three Days Grace actually seem to spew with emotion with their songs and i think this album is an absolute home-run. You can really tell this band is passionate about the music and i would suggest Three Days Grace to anyone who likes Alternative Rock.

9. Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Black Sabbath; Need i say more? They are the true pioneers of Heavy Metal and basically crafted all hard rock / metal bands which surpassed them. Ask anyone in the world who Ozzy Osboure is and i can guarantee they would have heard of him (probably for the wrong reasons though). The whole band are amazing and i personally think this album was the best one they ever produced. 

8. Alter Bridge - Blackbird

I saw these guys last year and they were absolutely phenomenal! All the instruments were played amazingly and the vocals were truly astounding. Myles Kennedy (Vocalist) is such a unique but brilliant singer which single handedly can put every 'Synthesised' singers to shame (he's awesome at guitar too!). Many people say that Alter Bridge is the Gunz N Roses of this era and how they played and how awesome this album is, i agree! A great ode to heavy metal.

7.  Disturbed - The Sickness

Disturbed; An awesome heavy metal band. They are very unique but that is what makes them awesome! I chose this album out of all the rest because of one particular song; Down With The Sickness. I assume all of you have at least heard of this song and if not, get your arse on YouTube right now! It's my favourite song written by them and for that song alone, this album gets a place in my top 10.

6. KISS - ???
Some of you may be thinking... "You havent listed an album you dumb ass"... Well i done that for a reason. Hear me out, KISS are an absolutely awesome band, almost everyone has heard of them and quite rightly, they should have. The four jewish rockers who everyone proclaimed 'Wouldnt Make It' definitely made it! I couldn't actually choose one album of theirs that were worthy of my list, so i just chose KISS in general, hope you don't mind!

ANYWAY BITCHES, that's part one, hope you all enjoyed my list so far! I really do recommend that if any of you haven't heard of either the bands or albums i have mentioned, you really should get out more! Na im joking, but i really do think you should check them out, you might really like them!

Stay tuned for next time to see my TOP 5 of the TOP 10 greatest albums of all time (In my opinion).

Stay Bitchin' Bitches!

Im Back Bitches

Hey Bitches!

Hope you're having a sweet week, i sure did! Had my girlfriend stay over for the week, was pretty awesome, but now shes gone home back to her university. Sad Face.

Although there is an upside...

I'm now back to blogging properly and as actively as i was before! Smiley face! Well it's a smiley face for those who actually like me... All of you i hope!

Anyway i've decided i'm going to return with a bang, so, later on (After my university lecture... sigh...) i'm going to start something i promised quite awhile ago, my own personal top ten albums of all time! Hopefully you'll really enjoy that!

For now, Stay Bitchin' Bitches!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New PC

Hey Bitches

My new PC arrived today! Smiley face!

So probably wont be as active because im taking this baby for a test spin (Tehehe)

Stay Bitchin' Peeps

Monday, 23 January 2012

Your Choice!

Hey bitches

Just a random question today, what do you guys find most interesting to read about? Games, reviews, movies, music, whatever you want, i'd like to know!

This could give me more inspiration as to what to blog about.

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Computer Specs

Hey bitches.

I recently bought a new computer so i thought i'd share the specs with you guys to see what you think.

Now, remember, im a poor student so i couldnt spend huge amounts but i think what i've got is fairly decent!

CPU:  NEW! AMD FX 4100 Black Edition 3.60GHz

Motherboard:  Gigabyte M68MT-S2P

Memory:  NEW! 4.0GB Corsair DDR3 1600mhz Vengeance (1x 4GB)

Hard Drives:  500GB S-ATAII 3.0Gb/s

Optical Drive:  22x DVD±RW DL S-ATA

Graphics card:  NEW! NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 1GB

Sound card:  Onboard 7.1 Audio

Case:  Xigmatek Asgard

PSU:  500W Xigmatek

This all cost for this was around £449 

What you guys think?

Stay Bitchin' Bitches!

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Hey Bitches

WooWooWoo! It's the weekend!

Hope everyones had a good week... I had an alright week, had an assignment to hand in, which hopefully i passed and to my surprise, my girlfriend came up for our 3rd Anniversary, i was very happy! Smiley Face!

Will be thinking up of some more interesting stuff to post about shortly... In the mean time...

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Friday, 20 January 2012


Hey Bitches!

Man do i love chinese! One of the best take-aways ever!

I know i havent been as active as i usually am guys but i've got my girlfriend round at the mo so, i cant be blogging as much as i usually am, SORRY!


Stay Bitchin' Peeps!

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Hey Bitches

Today it's mine and my girlfriends 3 year anniversary!

This means that i probably wont be as active as i usually am today, sorry guys!

So by the looks of it, the protests yesterday against SOPA were some what of a success. Unfortunately, it has just been prosponed to a further date. Luckily though, the protests have made 30 more senators oppose SOPA, meaning that now there are 35 senators opposing SOPA and we only need 41 to vote no and SOPA is gone for good.

I'd like to say thank you on behalf of everyone who participated in the protest by having their own 'blackout', we gotta beat this thing guys!

Stay Bitchin' Peeps!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Blue Blud

Hey bitches.

Hope everyone's having a bitchin' week, mines been alright, busy as always! 

So the other day, i done a post about Iron Maiden because they're awesome. I also mentioned a band called 'Blue Blud' (Think i misspelt it Blue Blood though) which was a band which was local to me and my dad was good friends with them. 

Anyway, i told you guys about how this band were actually gunning for the same music contract that Iron maiden were when they were trying to hit the big time. Unfortunately for Blue Blud, the music company chose Iron maiden and they were destined to stardom and Blue Blud was lost in the shadows. 

Now im not suggesting in anyway that Blue Blud should have been chosen over Iron maiden but what i am saying is that its incredibly unfortunate this band never got the true recognition it deserved. An awesome band that just didnt quite make it. 

This has got me thinking though, how many other great bands are there out there that just arent going to make it to the big time. It's incredibly sad that stories like this probably happen 10 times more than we actually imagine. Ah well.

Any of you guys got any awesome local bands or bands who just didnt make it that you'd wish to share?

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Hey Bitches!

Hope everyone is well.

Got so much work to do (yet again) but this time, its programming using the language C#. Not too hard i must admit but i got loads to do! So forgive me if my posts in the next couple of days seem to be lacking.

But once this is done, IM FREE! Until more work begins flowing in... Unfortunately...

Anyway, quite a lot of you responded to my earlier post about the programming language Java, so it's interested me slightly as to what languages you guys know and can program in. Im currently studying C# in a lot of detail, hated java so im not doing any more on that and i know some aspects of C++.

What about you guys?

Stay Bitchin' Bitches.

League Of Legends 16 - 1 - 12

Hey Bitches.

Decided i hadn't played much League of Legends lately so, i thought i'd have a few games today (should be doing assignments, but ah well!)

So i done alright in my games today. Had an awesome game as Vayne and Caitlyn, carried the damn team! On my Alister game though, had the shittest Tristana known to man kind! 

Want to try out League of Legends? Click here.

Stay Bitchin Bitches!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Insidious (2010) - Review

Hey Bitches!

Last night i settled down and decided to watch one of the most scariest films ever made (apparently), Insidious. I sat down and watched it with my mate, who had seen it before and claimed that it was incredibly scary and myself, not usually being scared of horrors, actually felt quite nervous. 

Movie started off quite slow and boring, had some shit about some kid going to 'the further'? I dont know, wasnt exactly listening. Anyway my mate made me shit myself because he was scared of the film when i wasnt, but him screaming like a little girl made me jump in fear. 

At one point i accidently farted and almost shit myself because of my mate scaring the shit out of me!

Anyway this film was shit so ill rate it 4/10.

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Iron Maiden

Hey Bitches!

So on my 'Motley Crue' post last night, i had multiple requests to post some Iron Maiden, and i shall honour these requests and post my favourite song by them!

That's right, Two Minutes To Midnight! Probably one of their most famous songs too! Interesting story about Iron maiden, my father was friends with a local band called 'Blu Blood' and they were also a hard rock type band. Anyway this band was actually going after the music contract that iron maiden were after, which made them the big stars they are now! Unfortunately for Blu Blood, the music company chose Iron Maiden and they were propelled to greatness.

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Motley Crue

Hey bitches!

Hope everyone had an awesome, bitchin' day! I done basically nothing except relax, it was awesome. And what is better than drinking and relaxing? Drinking, relaxing and listening to Motley freakin' Crue!

One of my favourite bands of all time! I just really, really hope i can see them live one day, hopefully at Download Festival 2012! Should be bitchin' especially with Black Sabbath going! Cant wait!

So guys, what do you think of Motley Crue? Any of you ever seen them live?

Stay Bitchin' Bitches!

New Design

Hey bitches!

Hope you are all feeling well and stuff... I apologise for not being as active as i usually am, had a busy day yesterday but i'll be back to my active self again today.

Anyway, as you will see, i had changed my blog design. I thought the last one just seemed too... Bland. What do you guys think of the new, brighter look?

Stay Bitchin' Peeps.

Friday, 13 January 2012


Hey Bitches!

Logged in this morning to notice i have reached over 100 followers now following my blog! That's freakin' awesome guys! 

I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for coming back on a regular basis and enjoying my blog (well i hope so anyway!) and i hope the numbers keep growing and you guys keep coming back for more!

Which brings me to my next point; Feedback. How do you guys like what im doing with my blog? Anything i can improve on? Change of direction perhaps?

Stay Bitchin' Bitches.

Limitless (2011) - Review

Hey Bitches!

Since i havent had much time lately to do whatever i wanted, i decided that tonight i'll snuggle into bed and watch a film i've been excited about watching since i saw the trailer, Limitless. 

Now to start off, i was really looking forward to watching this film and i honestly thought this was going to be a 10/10 movie straight away but i was slightly thrown off by the whole concept. Let me explain but be wary of SPOILERS.

The film had a slow start and wasn't quite how i expected. I always like a film which starts off at the end and then explains how it got there in the first place and on that mention, i think it went really well how they pulled the story together, but like i said before, the concept wasn't exactly... Fantastic.

Basically, this guy has a shit life and he's a slob wanting to be a writer. He meets up with his ex girlfriends brother and is given a drug which apparently uses the other 80% of the human brain which normally isn't used, giving him super intelligence. First off, i have no idea why anyone would take a strange looking pill off someone as dodgy looking as this dealer but anyway, he took the pill and everything was going great for him and the film ended on a good note (not going into too much details as i don't want to ruin too much for people.

But the way the film was going, i honestly thought that it was going to be one of those films that ended in tragedy, with the main character actually dying. I think this probably would have been the better option because i think the 'happy, yey everything is great' ending made the whole thing look... Tacky.

I would give this film a total rating of... 6/10.

The idea was good but it just seemed poorly executed and in some places, corny. Half way through the film i was constantly checking how long was left because i was getting bored with the long windness of it and all the blurry, trippy scenes made my head hurt. 

In short, it was an alright movie which began getting dull. 

Have any of you guys seen this movie and what is your opinions of it?

Stay Bitchin' Peeps!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

JD & Coke

Hey Bitches!

Being a university 'fresher', i usually consume a fair amount of alcohol regularly, from whiskey to lager to beer to... Nope that's about it!

Right now, im drinking some JD & Coke and it tastes gorgeous!

Now if you're following my blog, which i assume most of you looking at this are, then i could probably guess you all drink alcohol (you'd need it to enjoy the shit i write!).

So tell me, what's your favourite alcoholic beverage? If you dont drink alcohol, why?

Stay Bitchin' Bitches.

League of Legends

Kept dying and now i hate it.

Sad face!

Not really sure what to post about today or tomorrow so... This is a filler!

Stay Bitchin' Peeps

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Finally Finished

Hey bitches!

Finally finished all my assignments! YEY!!

Although im really sure i've failed them all, but ah well, life goes on.

Speaking of life going on, news today is that apparently, the so called 'Doomsday clock' has moved forward to 5 minutes to midnight... Doesnt sound as good as the Iron Maiden song does it? The whole issue with Global Warming and the current world affairs has apparently shot it up.

Am i the only person who really could not care less?

I mean, we're all going to die at some point right? So what is the point in living in fear that the worlds going to end... I mean yeah, none of us want the world to end after we die, but after you're dead, does it really matter?

If by some remote chance (Hoping not to disrespect anybodies religion) that there is a God, would he really want the world to just disappear, a world that he apparently worked so hard in creating? 

What are your opinions on the 'End Of The World' and how would you live your last moments?

Personally, i'd like to be drunk.

Stay Bitchin' Peeps!

League Of Legends 10 - 1 - 12

Hey Bitches!

Hope everyone had a good day! I didn't! Had a huge assignment to do (over 3,000 words) and i was able to cram it all in for today! Tomorrow isn't going to be a fun day either, have to write a whole data structure program in Java as well as a 2,000 word explanation of my written program.

I hate my course sometimes.

So this probably means that i am going to unleash my fury tomorrow evening after i have finished that shit assignment. Anyway, lets have a look at my match history for today!

Had a couple of good games to start off, had an absolutely horrible game as the new champion, Viktor, i hate that stupid metallic piece of shit. So i'm never playing that twat again. Had quite a good game as Heimerdinger (Never played him before) and done very well! Might consider buying him!

If you would like to check out League Of Legends, Click Here.

Stay Bitchin' Peeps!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dr Pop..?

Hey Bitches!


But now that im a poor university student, i have to start making cost cuts. An average 2Litre bottle of Dr Pepper costs roughly £2.50 or something ridiculous like that. So unfortunately, i had to look for something cheaper and i discovered this...

That's right, Dr. Pop. A much cheaper alternative to Dr Pepper...

A 2Litre bottle of Dr Pop costs 55p from local supermarket, Morrisons. Although if you want to buy, say, 2 bottle of Dr Pop, you can get 2 for only £1! Yeah, you heard right, £1. Which means i could near enough get 5 bottles of Dr Pop for the same price (plus 5p) of one bottle of Dr Pepper! What a bargain you say? You'd think so..

Unfortunately, this cheaper alternative doesnt have, well, the same taste of Dr Pepper. In fact, it tastes nothing like Dr Pepper. Imagine you make a coffee, it gets cold, you spill it in the mud, you scoop up the remains into the cup and then decide to spit and piss into the cup. Now you have Dr Pop. That's right, it tastes absolutely RANK!

So moral of the story, dont be a f*cking cheapskate like me, buy good old Dr Pepper!

Stay Bitchin' Peeps!

League of Legends 9 - 1 - 12

Hello Bitches!

Hope everyone is all well.

So i though, hey, considering i had such a good day (passing my exam and all) i thought i'd relax with some gaming since i havent played anything properly in awhile!

Had a 4 win- win streak today. Smiley face! First game as Tristana, didnt do too well, but luckily i started dominating! Had a pretty good day today and hopefully this'll continue on tomorrow!

Stay Bitchin' Peeps!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Computer Science - Computer Systems

Hello My Legion Of Bitchin' Followers!

Hope everyone is well. Well today i had an exam for my university course, Computer Science. The modual for this exam was Computer Systems.

I have been sh*tting myself about this exam for ages and well, today it was judgement day. After some revision i was... Not prepared. I set forth regardless of my unprepared mindset and sat the test.

I PASSED BITCHES! I didn't excel with flying colours mind you, but i freakin' passed with an average grade regardless! 

Which means, CELEBRATIONS ALL AROUND! Very Smiley Face!

Stay Bitchin' Peeps!

SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act

Hello Legion of Bitchin' Followers!

Im sure you're all familiar with what SOPA is... This 'SOPA' bill is getting even closer to being either passed or rejected. I can assume that almost everyone of you followers disagree with the SOPA because of what it means. But i've been reading up and there are certain organisations fighting against 'The Machine'...

It's been said that big internet companies are coming together to fight this bill and it's called 'Operation Blackout'. This blackout would consist of huge companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and possibly others all coming together and shutting down their services for a small amount of time, showing the world a possible glimpse into the future if this act is passed. 

I personally think this idea of Google, Facebook and Twitter all shutting down their services for... Lets say a day, would be a great idea. It might actually knock some sense into the idiots hoping to pass this stupid act.

What do you guys think? 

Stay Bitchin' Peeps.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Top 10 Songs. Part 2.

Hello my legion of Bitchin' followers! Hope you are all well today! Unfortunately today i might not be as active as i usually am because i have an exam tomorrow, which means today i need to do ALOT of revision.

Sometimes i hate university...

Anyway lets get started! Last time we saw the lower half of my top 10 songs which included the following:

10. Gunz N Roses - November Rain
9. Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me
8. Aerosmith - Dont Wanna Miss A Thing
7. Steel Panther - If You Really Really Love Me
6. Taproot - Fractured (Everything i said was true)

And now it's time to announce the second half of my top 10 songs! Enjoy Peeps!

5. W.A.S.P - Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)

Now W.A.S.P was a very controversial band when they first started (1982) and basically said 'F*CK YOU' to everyone who didnt like them. I personally think this band is quite underrated and i can guarantee most of you followers wouldnt have ever heard of them. This is one of the many songs written by them and in my opinion, although its long, is an amazingly written song.

4. Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

Now this was a tough choice... I was actually debating whether or not this song actually is in my top 10 favourite songs and what it basically comes down to is, i saw these guys live last year and they absolutely blew my mind! To be honest, i wasnt too excited about seeing them live at first (being mainly an 80's Glam Metal sorta guy) but i have to say they were amazing! Just for their live performance last year this song, my favourite song by them, has to be included! 

3. The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love

How could this not be in anybodies top 10? The darkness were an amazing band that formed only 12 years ago (2000) and brought some life back into the music industry with their unique style. I saw these guys last year and hell, they've still got it! Also, The Darkness originates from Lowestoft, Suffolk, which is only 2 hours away from where i am from. 

2. Motley Crue - Home Sweet Home, Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart

Motley Crue have to be one of the greatest heavy rock bands in history! They are an influence to many other heavy rock bands which came after them and personally, i think that's awesome! I had trouble choosing a number 2 spot between these two great songs, so i thought 'Hey, F*ck it, it's my blog!' so i included both! Hope you guys dont mind!

Here we go... The moment you've all been waiting for...

1. Justin Beiber - Baby

......................................................................................... Loljk, i like good music.

1. Steel Panther - Community Property

I know, i know, Steel Panther already made an appearance on my Top 10, but they are my favourite band of all time and this is my favourite song of all time! I highly, highly, highly, highly recommend anyone who hasn't listen to this song to drop what they are doing, no matter what it is, and listen to this masterpiece. This song does contain lyrics which may offend some people but lets be honest, if you're easily offended, why are you on my blog? 

Well that's it guys! I really hope you enjoyed my top 10 favourite songs and i had a great time doing this blog! Also, thanks for helping me reach over 70 followers and an astonishing 220 page views yesterday, i couldnt do all this without your support guys.

Take care and stay Bitchin' Peeps!

Viewing Record; 220 hits!

Thanks guys, reached 220 views yesterday, which means it's my record amount of views... Smiley face!!

This just means we need to improve! Want to get over 300 in the next week, get cracking people!! Haha!

Look out tomorrow, will do my final 5 countdown of favourite songs!

Stay Bitchin' Peeps!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Top 10 Songs. Part 1.

Some of you may already know this but if not, i am an absolutely huge music fan. I love music but specifically heavy metal / metal / rock / glam rock / glam metal music. This mostly ranges between the 80's to now, but my specific taste is the 80's.

So i thought today i would do a countdown of my top 10 songs of all time. Part 1 will contain from numbers 10 - 6 of my favourite songs of all time. I think that eventually i will also do a top 10 albums countdown, depending on how well this is perceived.

Well, lets get started!

10. Gunz n Roses - November Rain


We're starting off strong with one of the greatest songs that Gunz n Roses ever wrote, in my opinion anyway. This is one of the most famous rock bands of its era, reaching platinum status for many of its albums. November Rain is an awesome music video which was well directed. Only problem is i never understand how so many people can fit into such a small church?

9. Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me

Def Leppard, an awesome british band! Enough said! I saw this band live last year at a festival and they were almost perfect with their songs and just as good now as they were 25 years ago. Whats even more amazing is the drummer only has one arm and continues drumming perfectly. He lost his arm in a terrible accident but he should be an inspiration to anyone, never give up no matter how bleak things appear.

8. Aerosmith - Dont Wanna Miss A thing

Amazing ballad by an amazing band. I first heard this song watching the film 'Armageddon' which is one of my most favourite films of all time! No matter what genre of music you love or hate, there is no way anybody could hate this song. Pure genius.

7. Steel Panther - If You Really Really Love Me

This is my favourite band. I've seen them live back in 2009 and they are absolutely amazing. Their sole aim is to bring heavy metal back into the modern music scene. I think they are doing a great job personally! As the bassist says, its not just how you play the instruments, you gotta look bitchin' when playing them!

6. Taproot - Fractured (Everything i said was true)

Great song. Great music video. Not my usual type of music i would really enjoy, i'd admit, but this song just makes me want to listen to it over and over again! Taproot are an extremely underrated band and i would recommend to everyone just to try them out, you might be surprised.

Well that's it for now, check back later and i'll have the final 5 of my favourite songs of all time. Expect the unexpected peeps!

So, tell me, what is your favourite song? Why is it your favourite?

Stay Bitchin' Peeps. 

Weird Laws

Fairly bored this evening and unfortunately i havent had much inspiration today for a good blog post... So i decided i would just post some extremely weird laws from all over the world!

1. In Oklahoma, you can be arrested for making ugly faces at a dog. - Wow really? This actually makes me laugh out loud! What if you actually see a disgusting disturbing freak of nature type looking dog which you wouldnt touch with a barge pole, you could be arrested just because it looked like death had thrown up... Nice.

2. In South Carolina, it is legal for someone to beat their wife on the court house steps on a Sunday. - Someone call Chris Brown.

3. In New York, the penalty for jumping off a building without any sort of safety equipment is... Wait for it... Death.

4. In Florida, it is illegal to fart in public past 6PM on Thursdays. - Well, if i go to Florida, im f*cked!

5. In Illinois, it is illegal to give pets a cigar. - Well, im not moving to Illinois?

6. In Indonesia, the penalty for masturbation is decapitation. - Well at least one head will be engaged in some sort of activity.

7. In Oklahoma it is illegal to molest a car. - Car's have their feelings too you know! At least buy it dinner first for f*ck sake.

Well there are a few weird laws for you to think about how amazingly useful they are to our modern day society...

Stay Bitchin' Peeps!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Zombie Invasion

Today i'm on my way home to Lincoln University and will be travelling for a good few hours... So i thought i'd make a random post to pass the time.

What would you guys do if there was a zombie invasion?

Where would you go?

Who would you be with?

Would you search for more survivors?

What weapons would you use that you could find?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy Bus Driver

Hey Bitchin' Followers!

Last night i spent the last night with my girlfriend before i journeyed off to university once more. I had a nice time apart from the power going out, using a torch to find my way to the toilet, shitting myself every time i walked around the corner because of the slight chance there would be a beautifully disgusting flesh craved zombie looking at me, wanting to devour me. Luckily enough there was no such thing waiting for me around the corner but the morning after when i decided it was time to go home, there was something else that was just as happy as a flesh eating zombie...

The Bus Driver.

As i walked through the disgusting, rusty doors of the chambers bus, i was greeted by a snort and growl from what appeared to be the most miserable bus driver i had ever seen. Joyfully, i asked for the fare to go back home (£2 for a f*cking 10 minute journey!!!) and he angry pounded the buttons to work out the price... Unfortunately, i only had a £20 note to pay the bus driver with and he was not pleased. Huffs and puffs were being spewed from the bus driver as his chubby fingers tried to gather £18 worth of change in 10p, 20p and 50p pieces, filling my wallet.

Finally collected my change, as i turned to find a seat, i had a miserable old granny staring directly at me who must of been around the age of 4,000 years old, obviously displeased about me holding up the entire bus journey. I simply smiled and sat down all jolly and merry while listening to some Motley Crue. Smiley Face.

All this and the day isn't even close to being over! Have you guys got any funny stories concerning the absolutely sh*t travel system? 

Stay Bitchin' Peeps!