Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Finally Finished

Hey bitches!

Finally finished all my assignments! YEY!!

Although im really sure i've failed them all, but ah well, life goes on.

Speaking of life going on, news today is that apparently, the so called 'Doomsday clock' has moved forward to 5 minutes to midnight... Doesnt sound as good as the Iron Maiden song does it? The whole issue with Global Warming and the current world affairs has apparently shot it up.

Am i the only person who really could not care less?

I mean, we're all going to die at some point right? So what is the point in living in fear that the worlds going to end... I mean yeah, none of us want the world to end after we die, but after you're dead, does it really matter?

If by some remote chance (Hoping not to disrespect anybodies religion) that there is a God, would he really want the world to just disappear, a world that he apparently worked so hard in creating? 

What are your opinions on the 'End Of The World' and how would you live your last moments?

Personally, i'd like to be drunk.

Stay Bitchin' Peeps!


  1. Well if this so called god made it in 6 days I'm sure he could do that again. However I think it's more believable that I'd get to marry Olivia Wilde than that the world will end within a foreseeable future.

  2. Nicceeeeee congratsss!~!!!!!!!

  3. Great read! I totally agree with 'We shouldn't worry about it if we're dead anyway' it's not ever going to affect any of us!

  4. Great question.
    Having a lager with mates. Definitely.

  5. That doomsday clock keeps going back and forth. I stopped caring about it when I realized its all hype, like 2012.

  6. What assignments are you talking about?

    1. Had to use java to create a data structure
      and some shit to do with information systems