Friday, 27 January 2012

My Top 10 Albums. Part 1

Hey Bitches!

As promised, i have decided to do my overall top 10 albums of all time. Of course this is all my opinion so some of you may or may not agree with me, but if you feel that something on the list should be higher / lower or would like to suggest some more music to me all together, feel free!

Well, let's get started!

10.  Three Days Grace - Life Starts Now

Three Days Grace are an alternative rock-band which i feel make absolutely awesome songs! Unlike music now-a-days, Three Days Grace actually seem to spew with emotion with their songs and i think this album is an absolute home-run. You can really tell this band is passionate about the music and i would suggest Three Days Grace to anyone who likes Alternative Rock.

9. Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Black Sabbath; Need i say more? They are the true pioneers of Heavy Metal and basically crafted all hard rock / metal bands which surpassed them. Ask anyone in the world who Ozzy Osboure is and i can guarantee they would have heard of him (probably for the wrong reasons though). The whole band are amazing and i personally think this album was the best one they ever produced. 

8. Alter Bridge - Blackbird

I saw these guys last year and they were absolutely phenomenal! All the instruments were played amazingly and the vocals were truly astounding. Myles Kennedy (Vocalist) is such a unique but brilliant singer which single handedly can put every 'Synthesised' singers to shame (he's awesome at guitar too!). Many people say that Alter Bridge is the Gunz N Roses of this era and how they played and how awesome this album is, i agree! A great ode to heavy metal.

7.  Disturbed - The Sickness

Disturbed; An awesome heavy metal band. They are very unique but that is what makes them awesome! I chose this album out of all the rest because of one particular song; Down With The Sickness. I assume all of you have at least heard of this song and if not, get your arse on YouTube right now! It's my favourite song written by them and for that song alone, this album gets a place in my top 10.

6. KISS - ???
Some of you may be thinking... "You havent listed an album you dumb ass"... Well i done that for a reason. Hear me out, KISS are an absolutely awesome band, almost everyone has heard of them and quite rightly, they should have. The four jewish rockers who everyone proclaimed 'Wouldnt Make It' definitely made it! I couldn't actually choose one album of theirs that were worthy of my list, so i just chose KISS in general, hope you don't mind!

ANYWAY BITCHES, that's part one, hope you all enjoyed my list so far! I really do recommend that if any of you haven't heard of either the bands or albums i have mentioned, you really should get out more! Na im joking, but i really do think you should check them out, you might really like them!

Stay tuned for next time to see my TOP 5 of the TOP 10 greatest albums of all time (In my opinion).

Stay Bitchin' Bitches!


  1. Yes, man. That Three Days Grace album is amazing, gotta rate One X higher though. Animal I Have Become is one of the greatest songs ever.

  2. So far so good!
    I like disturbed the best...

  3. Haven't heard all of them, but the ones I've heard are great. Nice list.

  4. Might get hanged for this but..Only album I liked here was The Sickness lol..

  5. Not my kind of music I'm afraid. :P

  6. I cant believe Michael Jacksons "Bad" isn't in there.. Son I am Disappoint ^_^

  7. Interesting choice in music, heh.

  8. Well, I do agree with throwing Kiss in general up there haha. Looking forward to pt. 2

  9. No Justin Bieber jokes this time? You have a good taste, though. These are all decent albums.

  10. I love the artwork on Three Days Grace