Monday, 13 February 2012

Chronical (2012) - Review

Hey Bitches

So the other day, decided i would go to the cinema with a few friends and we all decided on watching the new film about telekinesis, Chronical.

Prior to this, i was quite excited about going to watch this film as i thought it looked brilliant, so i was quite excited. The film does start out slightly slow, but this is soon changed and we start seeing utterly brilliant things! This movie basically shows everyone what it would be like to have telekinesis and everything we would ever want to do with that power, is shown in this movie.

I dont really want to spoil anything for anyone so i wont go into too much detail, but i highly recommend watching the film because it is just great. The ending is superb!

9 / 10.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Streaming Now

Hey bitches

Im currently doing a live stream of League of Legends, check it out!

Video Logs / Streaming

Hey Bitches

So lately i've been running out of idea's of what to post and my lack of idea's are certainly starting to show with me getting less and less viewers; unfortunately. So i was doing some thinking and i thought about how i could start doing video logs or live streamings.

The video logs would of course just be me sitting there, looking like a derp, talking about random shit and hopefully making you guys laugh.

The live streaming would be me playing various games (such as league of legends) and have a running commentary in the background, once again, hopefully entertaining you.

What do you guys think? Let us know!

Stay bitchin' bitches

Thursday, 9 February 2012

'What do you want to be when your older'

Hey bitches

Hope everyone is well today! It's bloody snowing here again today! Whoopie!

Anyway, today i was asked this question which all of us have been asked at least once in our life and ive never really thought about how weird the question is... I mean, we usually get asked when we are like 12 or around then, and i knew back then i wanted to be a vet and i was determined to be a vet. Unfortunately, things changed and now i dont want to be a vet but want to be a Software Developer. Now this was  a change over 6 years and my career path changed completely.

My example just shows that even over as little time as 6 years, you can change your mind completely about a huge part of your future and i think it's completely pointless asking children about what they want to be when they are older... Sorry if i seem cynical, but that's my opinion!

So what about you guys, when you were younger, what did you want to be when you were older? And what are you now? What would you like to be now?

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

PC or MAC?

Hey Bitches!

So during one of my lectures today, the lecturer brought up various debates within computing about 'which is better'... We went through the old AMD vs Intel, NVidia vs ATI, PC vs MAC, all of which were presented with unbiased (according to the lecturer) information determining which one is actually better.

Now out of all the debates we had, i thought the PC vs MAC debate was the most interesting and much to my surprise, a lot of the students on my course actually support MAC over PC, along with the OS X or whatever software a MAC uses compared to Microsofts Windows. And hell, if you throw Linux into the mix, a shit storm is certain to erupt.

If you havent guessed already, i am one of the few people on my course which actually support a PC. It felt as if i was being lined up against the wall along with war criminals about to be shot down, but i stood by my trusty PC and i held my firm ground against the MAC lovers. Now mainly out of this war (due to it not being so 'Mainstream', Linux resides, often being referred to as the most dominant force over all the others. Now this, i actually agree with.

I too would turn against my trusty PC if i could harness the sheer power of the Linux, i'm actually learning to do so on my course but we'll have to wait and see how this plays out before i begin using Linux on a daily basis.

So here's my question for you guys, what side of the fence do you stand? Pc? Mac? Linux? Something completely different? Leave you comments in the section below!

Stay Bitchin' Bitches!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What I'm Listening To!

Hey Bitches

Hope you're all okay and well!

So it's that time again where i show you guys 'What im listening too' right now!

Motley Crue - You're All I Need

Here it is! Such an amazing song by one of my favourite bands of all time; Motley Crue! This could be considered a love ballad but if you listen to the lyrics, you'll find it's kind of not... Motley Crue are famous for their dirty, rebellious and outrageous lyrics (back in the 80s anyway) and this song fits all of these categories. Best way to describe the lyrics? Necrophilia.

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Monday, 6 February 2012

Amnesia - The Dark Decent

Hey Bitches

Last night i was watching some videos on youtube and i stumbled upon a game called 'Amnesia', a survival horror game. After watching some videos, i kept getting more tempted and tempted until finally, i decided i was getting this game. Off to the shops i rushed to buy this game, like an excited 5 year old over ice cream (saying that, i still get freakin' excited over buying ice cream!

As i got the the shop, the spotty checkout worker decided to ask for some ID... Which unfortunately i forgot to bring with me (not thinking i would be IDed for a certificated 15 year old game because im 18... In outrage, i stormed back home (not a long walk but regardless), grabbed my ID and rushed back to the shop to find that it was... wait for it... shut. Alot of swear words were spewed out in my few seconds of anger but luckily, i found another shop that was selling the game for the same price and was open... They didnt even ask for my ID...

Anyway finally after all this hype i got home and started playing and my god, what an amazing game! The first few minutes into it, i could find my heart beating ferociously as i crept through the rooms with my tiny latern. After literally 20 minutes into the game, i was shitting myself. Whats worse was i was on skype to my friend and he was just pissing himself. This game really gets to you and i can't wait to play it again tonight, even though im slightly nervous...

I highly recommend this game to all of you who like a good fright, just make sure the room is pitch black and you turn your speakers up to full, you'll freakin' love it!

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Four Lions (2010) review

Hey Bitches

Hope everyone had a good Saturday night, i stayed in because i just dont have any money. Sad face. But instead i decided to snuggle into bed with a warm cup of coco and watch a movie. (Sad Right?). Sad you say? Well yeah, fairly sad, but i dont really care!

Anyway i decided to watch 'Four Lions'. A black comedy based in london and is about 4 terriorists planning to suicide bomb london, but they are basically a group of failures. They're all idiots and they all continuously fail, which makes this film so funny! Whats better is its a British Comedy, which i LOVE.

8 / 10. This movie is typical British with a strange but awesome tweak mixed in. I quite enjoyed this movie and i highly recommend it to you comedy lovers.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

What I'm Listening To!

Hey bitches!

Before i begin, ITS FREAKIN' SNOWING!!! SO EXCITED!! Bloody love the snow and its coming down quite hard! Hope i get lots and lots and lots! Anyone would think im 5! Ahem...

Already been outside with some uni friends, was freakin' awesome!

Anyway back to the matter, today im listening to something pretty old school, but it's such an amazing song by an amazing british band. You'll all love it!

Def Leppard - When Love and Hate Collide

Such an amazing band, one of my favourites of all time! Hope you enjoy this. Smiley face.

Stay Bitchin' Bitches

Captain America (2011) Review

Hey bitches.

I lately caught this newish marvel superhero movie, Captain America. With high hopes for this movie (being a huge fan of marvel), i was very excited to watch and hoped it lived up to expectations.

Unfortunately, it didnt quite entertain me as much as i was hoping.

I think the overall storyline was good, followed the original plot fairly well and even led up awesomely to the upcoming 'Avengers' movie which looks absolutely freakin' awesome! This movie itself though seemed to have something lacking that is in other movies, needed more of a spark. I think it could be that there wasnt much actual comedy segments in this movie, it was just a typical American "Lets go kick some Nazi ass" type movie. I also thought that it started getting fairly long winded towards the end.

Overall i'd rate the movie 7 / 10 , some good action sequences and leading up to what looks to be the greatest film ever made. "The Avengers".

Friday, 3 February 2012

'Im A Poor Student'

Hey bitches.

So i know i throw this term around a lot that 'Im a poor student', which i actually am. I currently have £0. But luckily, hope has arisen before me!

I got an email about a job interview! AHH!

It's only 16 odd hours a week but it means i can earn some more dosh! Which i love doing! So i'll be attending that bad boy at some point (as soon as i organise it with the owner) and ill let my legion know the results!

Stay Bitchin' Bitches!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

What I'm Listening To!

Hey bitches!

It's that time where i share with you what im listening to RIGHT NOW!

Last time, we saw Jackie Wilson, very famous artist, taking the stand, but tonight i present to you a band so great, they are just too amazing to explain! Well to me they are anyway!

Steel Panther - SuperSonic Sex Machine

Many of you may be unfamiliar with this song but im certain all of you would have heard from the band because of the continuous amount of time i go on about them! They're that good!

Stay Bitchin' Bitches!

Software Development Grade

Hey bitches!

I know i havent been blogging lately, been very busy! Hopefully now though ill have some time to get back to my beloved followers! Winky face!

Anyway just thought i'd let you guys know, i got back my Software Development grade today. It was an assignment where i basically had to use C# to create some shitty code. Anyway i got a 2.1 (That is the equivalent to a B i think) so as you can imagine, im over the moon!

Stay Bitchin' Bitches