Friday, 10 February 2012

Video Logs / Streaming

Hey Bitches

So lately i've been running out of idea's of what to post and my lack of idea's are certainly starting to show with me getting less and less viewers; unfortunately. So i was doing some thinking and i thought about how i could start doing video logs or live streamings.

The video logs would of course just be me sitting there, looking like a derp, talking about random shit and hopefully making you guys laugh.

The live streaming would be me playing various games (such as league of legends) and have a running commentary in the background, once again, hopefully entertaining you.

What do you guys think? Let us know!

Stay bitchin' bitches


  1. Definitely sounds cool, live streams would be awesome!

  2. I'd do that with WoW if my internet connection would allow it :/

  3. i have this issue a lot of times. whenever i come up with ideas i try to write something down so that i will remember it, or just keep posts ready in your drafts for those days when you are braindead. i always keep a fancy "No Post Today" in my drafts

  4. Most definitely worth a shot. Innovation is key.