Wednesday, 8 February 2012

PC or MAC?

Hey Bitches!

So during one of my lectures today, the lecturer brought up various debates within computing about 'which is better'... We went through the old AMD vs Intel, NVidia vs ATI, PC vs MAC, all of which were presented with unbiased (according to the lecturer) information determining which one is actually better.

Now out of all the debates we had, i thought the PC vs MAC debate was the most interesting and much to my surprise, a lot of the students on my course actually support MAC over PC, along with the OS X or whatever software a MAC uses compared to Microsofts Windows. And hell, if you throw Linux into the mix, a shit storm is certain to erupt.

If you havent guessed already, i am one of the few people on my course which actually support a PC. It felt as if i was being lined up against the wall along with war criminals about to be shot down, but i stood by my trusty PC and i held my firm ground against the MAC lovers. Now mainly out of this war (due to it not being so 'Mainstream', Linux resides, often being referred to as the most dominant force over all the others. Now this, i actually agree with.

I too would turn against my trusty PC if i could harness the sheer power of the Linux, i'm actually learning to do so on my course but we'll have to wait and see how this plays out before i begin using Linux on a daily basis.

So here's my question for you guys, what side of the fence do you stand? Pc? Mac? Linux? Something completely different? Leave you comments in the section below!

Stay Bitchin' Bitches!


  1. Gotta say I'm all for Windows, now I'm sure that MAC's are great, it's just a fact though that everything gets developed for Windows as it is the most popular OS.

    Got a lot of friends who use Apple computers and more often than not when I talk to them about a software or operation it's just not available for their computers.

    Gestures are cool but I'd feel too limited on anything other than Windows.

    1. Viruses are PCs biggest problem, something Mac usually avoids. I currently have a PC for Windows, and one for Linux

    2. I agree with InfinitePlans.
      Besides, I`m really used to it, couldn`t imagine using something else.

  2. before linux was commercially available, if you had to pick two which would it be.
    i used to be a PC only guy and i remained that way for 15 years, however i have heard that linux is the best as far as performance and for lack of a better term "things you can do with it"
    i do like my mac for work, as it is very easy to move data around between apple devices

  3. I'm a Mac girl through and through, used them at work for the last 13 years for design and stuff, got my laptop at home, (which is my baby) ask anyone lol, iPhone, ipod nano, (bit of an Apple freak) I wouldn't know where to start with a PC, but I have to agree, there are a lot more things available for PC use than Mac use, but hey ho, i'm as stubborn as they come, so I probably won't convert, but, never say never :))))

  4. Mac people are scary watch out. That pic is awesome. I think it sums it up perfectly

  5. Awesome pic it's true linux is for pros

  6. Obviously AMD, ATI and Mac.

  7. Hate mac. Most fanboys are stupid also as to why mac is better.

    Anyway, I like linux, im on windows now though. My linux laptop broke when my closet shelf fell :(

    On windows now.

  8. I have a teacher that claims Macs are better because they can 'handle more data' literally the only reason, and recommended I get a Mac mouse because they're better... It's odd how little most Mac users I meet know about computers.

  9. Linux - Gentoo all the way

  10. So sick of this argument, to each their own...

  11. nice post.. i tagged you in my challenge

  12. Running Apple OS, but I'm all for Linux.

    Agreed that the spectrum between the three is Linux > Windows > Macintosh