Monday, 2 January 2012

ABYFW - What's Happening?

It doesn't take a mastermind to know that we are living in a totally boring world but amongst all the boring stuff that happens on a day to day basis, there are usually little fragments of fascinating things happening, if you're lucky of course! 

So what's happening today?

So i believe over 500,000,000 (500 million) people own a facebook account, which is around 1/12th of the worlds population (dont quote me), which means that basically almost every person you know either has a facebook account or knows somebody who does have a facebook account. But how much do people let facebook effect their lives? Well studies have shown that an astonishing 1/3rd of all UK Divorce claims have facebook to blame!

It seems that 2012 may be the year that the world experiences yet another Super Volcano eruption! This volcano, just 390 miles from London, is similar in the size of Mount Pinatubo which in 1991, gave us the biggest eruption of the 20th century! This volcano is based in Germany and erupts once every 10 to 12,000 years.

Picture of Super Volcano; Germany.

Lastly for now, more of the entertainment side of the UK (Yawn..), New Years Day television rating records were smashed by the UK Soap Opera show, Eastenders. This episode showed the death of one of the shows most famous characters, Pat Butcher. The show garnered a record breaking 9.76Million viewers, making it the most viewed television show on New Years Day in the UK.

Well that's it for now! Make sure you keep coming back and checking my blog, will be playing some more league of legends and will upload some screenshots of my match history and maybe do something a little different... 

Random Question Of The Day

So i'll end on a question, do you know anyone over the age of 60 that owns and regularly uses a facebook account?

Stay Bitchin' Peeps!


  1. Hey! My mom has a Facebook account. She ain`t over 60 though, but a lot of her Facebook friends are.
    This German volcano thing is a real bad news. Let`s hope it won`t erupt in near future.

  2. Yeah my mother has a facebook account also. My dad despises it though!

    Lets hope not!

  3. 1/3rd in the word, i think you could say that 4/5 uses it here.

  4. Oh really? Where do you come from?

  5. death of someone brings in a lot of views, human nature.

  6. my 87 year old grandma! we help her use it, to see photos of our relatives and stuff! :D it's pretty cool

  7. In response to your question, my grandparents use facebook nonstop. Only for those laaame farming games..ugh!